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the 12 days of kitschmas
Atheists awake! Salute the hapless morn, wherein the Saviour of the World wasn't born!
Welcome to Zilchmas 2013, our first-ever list of the Top 12 gifts for Atheists.
You won't need to ask "What Would Dawkins Buy?" after you've browsed these goodies for the godless!
10th Day: Evolution Stocking
holy family tea bags
The message is banal, the design basic: exactly what you would expect from a religious-themed gift at Christmas. But wait! This is the 16-inch long stocking for the optimistic atheist.

"Hang it over a fireplace filled with hell fire and celebrate the holidays with the truth" says the blurb.

Our advice? High time you evolved your proposition, people. The "amoeba to mankind" graphic is ploddy, predicable and fails to offend most religious people. Time to become subtle and engaging. Think you can manage that? No, nor can we.

Just $13.95. Order now in time for the pointless holiday season

Mighty thanks to Lyda*Rose for finding this mind-numbing gift

The 12 Days of Zilchmas
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