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the 12 days of kitschmas
Atheists awake! Salute the hapless morn, wherein the Saviour of the World wasn't born!
Welcome to Zilchmas 2013, our first-ever list of the Top 12 gifts for Atheists.
You won't need to ask "What Would Dawkins Buy?" after you've browsed these goodies for the godless!
8th Day: Dick Dawkins T-shirt
Religion together we can find the cure t shirt
"Together we can find the cure." Until Dick Dawkins donned the t-shirt we had no idea he was even ill. Come to think of it, he does look a bit off-colour. Is it honey withdrawal? The good professor had a precious jar of the sweet stuff confiscated at an airport recently by what he termed "rule-bound dundridges".

"Bin Laden has won," he croaked. And who could disagree? The tragedies of Iraq and Afghanistan just pale into insignificance beside Dick's devastating personal loss.

Oh yes, the t-shirt. Available here for $22.95

The 12 Days of Zilchmas
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Dear Mary Mug
9th Day: Dear Mary Mug
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