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the 12 days of kitschmas
Atheists awake! Salute the hapless morn, wherein the Saviour of the World wasn't born!
Welcome to Zilchmas 2013, our first-ever list of the Top 12 gifts for Atheists.
You won't need to ask "What Would Dawkins Buy?" after you've browsed these goodies for the godless!
5th Day: Virtue Doll
Virtue Doll
In the bad old days, when people believed things, every Catholic home had some plaster statues on the sideboard. St George slaying the dragon. St Sebastian tied to a stake being shot through with arrows. And even Jesus with a flaming heart on his chest which you could light up by flicking a switch.

But now the School of Life, the brainchild of guru de jour Alain de Botton, wants to replace all that theatre and passion with... what? A cutesy, colourless doll with all the excitement of a McDonalds free gift. The saints might have been bizarre and guilt-inducing, but at least no one was going to die of boredom.

Give the gift of ennui! £22... reasonable price. Buy here!

We would give credit to whoever found this gift, but we fell asleep before we could get their name

The 12 Days of Zilchmas
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