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  1347: St Paul's Cathedral, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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6 February 2007

Hello! I am responding to your Mystery Worshipper report about St Paul's Cathedral, Regina.

I am the deacon referred to in the report. I have shown the report to a number of others at the cathedral and we think the Mystery Worshipper makes some good points. We shall look to the deportment of the servers, although, as your reporter says, it is an achievement just to have three young people there on a summer Sunday morning. We disagree with his assessment of our green vestments, but the honorary assistant has already responded to this. Yes, we have the three sacred ministers at all our Sunday services; there are two deacons among the honorary assistants and a cadre of eleven sub-deacons in the congregation.

Although the Mystery Worshipper acknowledged that the service was unusual on August 27, 2006, I should emphasize just how unusual it was. First, on summer Sundays we combine our normal two services into one, using an experimental liturgy (basically BAS, but with changes such as one of the supplementary eucharistic prayers). Second, the Bishop's School for Choristers, with attendant family and friends, were there for their annual service. And third, the visiting preacher doubled as presiding celebrant in the absence of any of the cathedral priests, on the occasion of his parents' 50th wedding anniversary. The Mystery Worshipper stumbled on the most unusual Sunday of the year!

Still, we have been given a rating of 5 in the report, and we encourage any worshippers (mystery or otherwise) who come our way to try us out. Maybe we'll improve our score!

(Deacon) Michael Jackson

28 January 2007

I am an honorary assistant at the cathedral, and the Dean of Keewatin (who was presiding and preaching) is godfather to both my children, the younger of whom (18 at the time) was supposed to serve that morning but slept in.

I only wanted to comment on the green vestments, which the mystery worshipper didn't care for.

Whe they were first dedicated and used, I didn't much like them either, until I got a closer look. If you've ever flown over the Canadian prairies on a late spring or early summer day, and if you've had a chance to see the vestments up close, they suddenly make far more sense. They are now one of my favourite sets at St Paul's. The depiction of an aerial view of the prairie is almost too subtle, it seems, but it works.
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