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The 12 Days of Kitschmas
4: Coffin Glamour Calendar
coffin glamour calendar
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Click here for your March casket girl.

Gorgeous, isn't she? Those voluptuous lines, those generous proportions, those sleek flanks, that seductive hint of what lies beneath. Yes, it's the frankly sexy Padre Pio casket, hand-crafted in Italian oak with a fully adjustable interior lovingly tailored in crepe. It's a shame that a model accidentally wandered onto the set and got in the way of seeing this baby in all its glory.

Every year, Cofanifunebri, who have been making coffins, funeral urns and other assorted deathware in Rome since the 1960s, produce what amounts to the Pirelli Calendar for morticians, undertakers and – who knows? – zombies, too, probably. Semi-clad Italian lovelies drape themselves over sturdy coffins, offering an invitation to help them secure the lid more firmly.

Think outside the box! Order your copy of the Coffin Glamour Calendar for your church vestry. Or for the crypt. This groundbreaking product can be yours for just 9.30 Euros.

Click here to order your calendar!
coffin calendar cartoon by taffy
Cartoon by Taffy
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