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The 12 Days of Kitschmas
2: Mosque Clock
Mosque Clock
If the phrase "inter-faith dialogue" is, on its own, guaranteed to leaden the eyelids, here's something to pierce the sweetest of resulting dreams. Millions of Muslims spring up joyously each day to the azan, or call to prayer. But, in case you happen to be out of earshot of a muezzin, this Gadget for Allah positively wails you awake, however prostrate you are 'neath duvet.

Disappointingly, like a real muezzin, the Mosque Clock does not have a handy snooze button. However, demand for this talking timepiece has been so great it is now available in handy travel, stately classic and monumental deluxe sizes – from just 10 (US$16).

To order, click here for a virtual Hajj. To hear the alarm, click below...

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