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The Kitsch Collectors
This year's list is a true shipmates' affair – picked from dozens of offerings on the SOF bulletin board. And now, finally, we can announce the winner of the £50/$75 Amazon gift voucher for the winning entry.

Well, fellow floaters, we couldn't have done it without you. This year's Kitschmas list contains no fewer than eight items sourced by your goodselves on the relevant Heaven thread.

You dug out loads of great gifts and gadgets – many of which we can use at other times in the year. Some proved derivative of previous offerings while others were too sick even for us – or targeted for children without any delicious dose of irony, a vital ingredient. We also went for gear that had a topical, news dimension.

Madferret's Lord of the Kings Jigsaw was a little stunner, as was the Jesus Ashtray and the Crucifix Phone Cover. Peronel went well beyond the call of duty to find two crackers for the list. Somebody ought to check she hasn't got shares in the companies which make them.

Cooticarus Rex begged us to include the "Well done, dude!" figurine. There was never any doubt it would go top 12 when we realised the pastor was a JFK clone.

But there was only one winner – right from the outset. The Jesus Fairy – discovered by the legendary Sarkycow – has everything. It's outrageous, topical and, to our very great joy, takes itself seriously.

To you, Sarky, a £50 Amazon voucher – and a virtual tot of rum from the Captain. Be upstanding, shipmates: "Sarkycow!" Read Sarkycow's acceptance speech here.

12 Days of Kitschmas 2003 – who found what

Jesus fairy – Sarkycow
Jesus ashtray – Kingsfold
"Jesus saves" model billboard – Duo Seraphim
Jesus nail ornament – Louise
"Well done, dude!" statuette – Peronel
Crucifix phone cover – Peronel
Lord of the Kings jigsaw – Madferret
Blessed Teresa figurine – Ariel
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