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12. "Jesus Saves" Model Billboard

At last! Salvation comes down the line for arrogant Gordon, (the big blue engine), Percy (the cheeky little engine) – and, of course, (doubting) Thomas, the tank engine.

Narrated by former Beatle Ringo Starr, the world's most famous train yard has found immortality on TV sets round the globe. Much to our dismay, however, author Rev. WW Awdry neglected the evangelisation of the Isle of Sodor – leaving the Fat Controller still to come under the sound of the Gospel. But that's all set to change, thanks to the Jesus Saves Billboard. Made to scale, from specially imported ultra-thin plywood, at just $9.95 it's a perfect finishing touch for train sets worldwide. Click here to order!

Oh, and Ringo, who's more popular now?

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