11. Mother Teresa Singing Doll

Singing Mother Teresa

Though uncannily reminiscent of the Lady Penelope nundoll, the tea-towel
headpiece is unmistakable. It's a wrinkle-free Mother Teresa, complete with
"key-wind musical movement". Yes, you can experience the world's favourite
nun singing "You Light Up My Life" ($49.98 from Tyrol).

Of course, Mother Teresa herself would have been far more effective if she
had been able to croon the odd classic. Instead of actually caring for the
poor of India, she could have done the usual religious troubadour thing –
touring the developing world, posing for photographers with a starving child
in one arm and her latest CD in the other. An opportunity sadly missed...

But this is, surely, not the end of the soon-to-be-saint's posthumous career
in the arts. Even now, Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice must be sharpening
their pencils. They inflicted us with Evita, Joseph and JC Superstar. What
price Teresa: the musical? "Woe, Calcutta"...

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