7. "Jesus Christ in Majesty" Hearth Rug

Holy Hearthrug!

"Do the shake 'n' vac and put the freshness back..." runs the UK television
jingle that is both memorable and maddening. A euphoric housewife wildly censes
cleaning agent over her living room carpet – then, clutching a hapless vacuum
cleaner, shimmies and dances over the shagpile in sheer, unbridled joy.

Now, at last, Infinity Rugs give her an eternal reason to celebrate. She can
shake'n'vac all over the 4ft by 6ft limited edition "Jesus Christ in Majesty"
hearth rug. Alternatively, she can make a meal out of "The Last Supper", which
is available in two sizes – 4ft by 6ft, or 5ft by 8ft. Infinity Rugs, from Landover
Hills, Maryland, USA, offer "dramatic savings" on residential carpets.
Monetary or eternal?

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