6. The Punching Amish

Punching Amish

The Amish are peaceful people. They don't watch television, chat on the phone,
gossip about soap operas or wear make-up. They have quaint, old-fashioned clothes,
live on isolated farms and grow peculiar beards - even the men. They've spent the
whole of the 20th century living in the 17th century.

All of which makes the Punching Amish glove puppet so hugely enjoyable. It's like
watching a shouting match in a Trappist monastery. The spring-loaded levers inside
the glove enable our Amish heavyweight to deliver sharp jabs and swift uppercuts
worthy of Muhammad Ali, while his head bobs around on a big wire spring. This
pacifist turned pugilist stands 12 inches tall and is yours for just $9.95.

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