5. "Ye Little Angel" Dog Wings

Pet Dog Angel Wings

This is C.S. Lewis's fault, in our opinion. He said there would be dogs in
heaven, despite the fact that the noise of yapping in the streets of the New
Jerusalem would be less than heavenly. And now Rag Dog, who make "affordable,
adorable designer pet fashion" for Hollywood celebs, have taken a leaf out of
his book with these Christmas angel wings for the pooch who wants to
prepare for eternity.

According to Rag Dog, the strap-on wings also enable your dog to exercise
an evangelistic ministry: "On holiday travels and everyday errands, when your
pet wears these wings attached to any harness people will forget their troubles
and feel the holiday joy!" Made from luxury-look polysatin, and fully washable,
the angel wings are only $10. Now showing at a lampost near you.

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