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Heavenly visions
Is it the Fruitcake Zone? Or is it YouTube?
No, it's a joyous coming together of the two. With the help of our shipmates, we present faith's finest minutes in YouTube video clips.
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How to pitch a tent
Yes, it's that authentic "rabbit caught in the headlights" look. An expression of total disbelief and sheer terror crosses the face of Blake Bergstrom, a youth pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Parker, Colorado. In mid-sermon, he is describing what happened when the biblical character Lot put up his tents too close to Sodom and Gomorrah, when the mother of all sermon gaffes falls from a clear blue sky.

But God is good. Clearly, before the beginning of time, He had purposed that the whole event should be recorded on video. Blake Bergstrom is good, too, as he generously released the video onto the Net. Click the play button above to view the best blunder since Pat Robertson called for the assassination of the President of Venezuela.
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