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May contain nuts
You have just entered the Fruitcake Zone. Here you will find the weird and wonderful world of religious fruitcake, with websites that put the "fun" back into fundamentalism. And the "mental", come to think of it.
Vintage fruitcake
This page contains our current top 10, but also see our vintage fruitcake.
the fruitcake zone
sharper fx   SharperFX
Describing itself as "developing captivating web presences for churches and ministries", SharperFX certainly succeed in their stated aim of "exceeding the perceived limits of design". And taste, we would add. Be repentant, very repentant (and turn your speaker volume down), as fire, electricity, aliens and overly dramatic music "illustrate the virtue of kingdom excellency", in what must be the Web's most overblown intro movie. Astonished shipmate HangerQueen told us: "I half expected Arnie to pop up with a blazing Uzi 9mm in each hand." Thanks to shipmate Max for finding such fine slice of fruitcake.
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ufo man
While you're out surfing, if you see any sites you think the rest of us would enjoy, do let us know about them.
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