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The story so far...
Welcome to our features and projects pages, with material ranging from the satirical to the theological. Our archive pages, with material going back (gulp) 10 years, are currently offline, but will be available as soon as we've finished cataloging them.
features and projects
Rev Adam Smallbone   Holy smoke! God rolls his own
Rattles and Rosettes, the first Ship of Fools print publication in two decades, is a novel of two halves, set in the First World War and in 2010. Steve Goddard tells how it all began – with his grandfather's life-saving stash of tobacco.
Rev Adam Smallbone   I believe in Rev.
As series 3 of BBC sitcom Rev. draws to a close, it turns out that 48 per cent of Christians would be happy to go Rev Adam Smallbone's church. Penny Kiley reflects on why the show has so many believers.
Syrian fighter   The persecution that didn't happen
When reports that 80 Christians in a Syrian village had been killed by jihadi fighters reached a UK Christian holiday conference, prayers were offered for the families of the persecuted. But the reports turned out to be false.
st pixels
The successor to Church of Fools, St Pixels is an online church open for prayer, worship, debate and blogging.
the laugh judgment
Follow our quest to find the funniest and most offensive religious jokes in all eternity.
church of fools
In 2004 we ran a three-month experiment in online 3D church, making headlines round the world.
the ark
Big Brother meets the Bible in our Internet reality gameshow set onboard an online Ark.
r father
R father was our competition for the best Lord's Prayer in text message form.
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