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Welcome to the Ship of Fools Caption Competition, which runs on an... ahem... irregular schedule. Read and post in our current competition, and see the winners of our past ones.

Budgies and travellers on the road to San José are especially welcome.
Rollercoaster religion
JtBaJD: It's all to do with String Theory. 'Particle physicists fervently hope the String/M theories will bring them to the Holy Grail of physics since Einstein: the unification of all the forces, including gravity on a large scale as we know it, with gravity in the quantum world, where distances are so minuscule that part of what's usually used by the Standard Model of conventional mathematics is inadequate to the task of describing them.' That infinitely dense good reverend lady is looking excited in a reverse movement of forward thinking because she thinks she's found the piece of string that started it all and has given her perpetual motion in an animated state of being.
Submitted by: Umadas Bharat
Fri Nov 28 (00:18 GMT)

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Rollercoaster religion
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