Third Way Magazine

If your idea of a Christianity that is culturally relevant is singing hymns with a hint of syncopation in the last line but one, you're likely to be mystified by Third Way. It's provocative, intelligent, restless, open-minded and possibly Not Quite Sound.

Third Way is a current-affairs magazine which is committed to free-thinking about the issues of the day in the light of the Bible. John Stott finds it 'essential reading'. So does Dave Tomlinson. Hugh Montefiore reportedly places it 'right up there with the Tablet'.

Recent contributors include Elaine Storkey, Richard Harries, Ann Holt, Roy McCloughry, Lawrence Osborn, Iwan Russell-Jones. Our regular columnists include Catherine Fox, Mike Riddell and Paul Vallely. Lately we've grilled George Carey, Noam Chomsky and Janey Daley, and have lightly barbecued several more.

Ten issues a year costs £29 in the UK, and £35 everywhere else in the world. If you would like a free sample issue, click here, send us your name and address in the pop-up window, and we'll do the rest.

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