Digital Hymnboard


Remember old-style hymn-singing? People holding
hymbooks, heads buried in the pages as they follow the tiny lines
of type? Well allow us to introduce you to new, improved ElectroLyrics
hymn-singing – which leaves your hands free for 'real' worship!
Yes, it's time to junk 'Hymns Ancient and Decrepit' and fit an
ElectroLyrics song display board at the front of your church.

The display shows four lines of text, which is downloaded from
a computer at the back of the church and visible up to 25 metres away.
And, of course, ElectroLyrics has many other uses – underlining
the church notices, spicing up the sermons, and flashing
urgent messages: 'Baby Jason now quaffing communion
wine – parents required in creche soonest…'

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